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  • Known Compatibility issues
    • Internet Explorer 10 & 11 compatibility issues

      We are aware of compatibility issues with the Community Web Kit when using the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browsers. Using IE10 or IE11 can affect formatting and editing of content within pages.

      You can find out which browser and version you are using by visiting this site – www.whatbrowser.org

      In order to avoid any issues we recommend that you try using IE in compatibility mode when editing your website.

      For details on how to use compatibility mode for IE10 please see: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-10

      For details on how to use compatibility mode for IE11 please see: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-11

      If you continue to experience issues with IE in compatibility mode then please install and use an alternative browser to edit your site.

      The following browser is a popular alternative to Internet Explorer:

      • Mozilla Firefox - http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/?from=getfirefox
  • Creating a site
    • How do I create a site?
      The first site is created during the registration. To create another one go to "Your Websites" page and click New Website.
    • Can I have more than one site?

      Yes you can have as many sites as you want using the same email address (i.e. one account), and you don’t have to complete the registration process each time you want to create a new website.

      For further details please refer to the User Guide section ‘Your Websites’ page 28 for details of how to add a site to your account.

    • What address is my site going to have?
      When creating your new website you will be asked to specify a subdomain name which will be used form part of the website address for your site. An example of the full address would be http://www.your-subdomain-name.btck.co.uk.
    • Can I use my own custom domain name?

      If you are using your own domain (e.g. www.yourname.com) this has to be added to the [External Domain Name] field either during Step 3 of the registration process, Step 2 of [Add a new Website] if it’s a second website you are adding or in the [Your Community Website] section.

      To use your own domain on an existing website you can go into the [Settings] tab in [Edit Site Properties] and add this to the [External Domain Name] field.

      To configure your own domain to direct visitors to your btck.co.uk website you must also create an ‘Alias (CNAME)’ record for ‘www’ and set the URL or ‘target address’ to btck.co.uk, You should not need to include http:// at the start.

      This can be done by contacting your domain registrar, this will be the company you purchased your custom domain from. You may need to call your Registrar’s support line and ask them to set-up a CNAME re-direct to your btck,co,uk website. Alternatively your domain registrar may provide a control panel with the domain that allows you so set this up for yourself, usually under the settings for ‘DNS’

      It can take up to 24 hours for changes to be replicated to other DNS servers on the internet so it may not work straight away.

      We can only support an ‘Alias (CNAME)’ re-direct as we cannot give out our IP address.

    • I'm trying to add a new site, but it's saying I have to use a different name. Why?

      It is possible that someone else has already created a site with this name.

      Also make sure that the site name you want to use doesn't have any special characters. Only letters and numbers are allowed.

    • When I go to my site I am being redirected to the main page of BT Community Web Kit. Why?
      The most common reason is that your user account or the website has been disabled or deleted by an administrator. Please contact us via the helpdesk enquiry system to get an website re-activated, this can accessed from this page by clicking on the ‘Submit a Helpdesk Enquiry’ link.
    • How can I access my site?

      To view the list of your sites click the "Your Websites" button on the main page. From that page you will be able to edit any of your websites.

      If you want to access your website directly you could as well enter the URL followed by "/build" (e.g. www.yourname.btck.co.uk/build)".

    • Can I use a Google verifcation code on my site?

      You can add in a Google verification code to the web kit to improve the site’s visibility within Google. To do this you can add the code into the [Google Verification] field at the bottom of the [Settings] page.

      For details of how to get a Google code please see the following link: http://code.Google.com/apis/accounts/docs/RegistrationForWebAppsAuto.html

  • Cookies
    • What are cookies?
      A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your use of the site. This can be useful in order to remember your preferences between visits to the site.
    • What changes have been made to BTCK pages?
      In order to conform to the latest guidelines around cookies, the footer of all BTCK pages now contains a link to a cookie information page. This page contains information on the cookies that are used by the BT Community Web Kit.
    • Can I add content to my BTCK website that may add other cookies?
      The editor on the BTCK allows JavaScript to be added to pages. This allows users to embed content hosted out with the BTCK service, such as calendars and media players. Adding JavaScript to a page may introduce new cookies to the page. It is the responsibility of the website owner to keep track of and provide information on any cookies that are added to the website.
    • How can I display information on other cookies?
      You will have the opportunity to add further information about any other cookies on your site into an editable section on the cookies information page to cover any additional cookies that you may have introduced to the site.
  • Customising a site
    • Can I change the look of the site?

      To change the used layout go to "Layouts" page and select a layout you would like to use.

      On the "Layouts page you will find 7 layout templates each with up to 15 colour schemes. We also provide a free format template to use if you wish to choose the background of the Header and Left Hand Navigation Bars.

      You can change your layout template at any time and the content will move over onto whichever one you wish to change to, so feel free to try different layout templates until you are happy.

    • Can I change the header?

      To change the header of the site you must go to the "Site Settings" page.

      You can customise the header image, header title and contact details displayed.

      Additionally you can specify the default metadata (title, description, keywords) used for your website and an icon displayed to your site's address in the browser.

      By default the keywords from within the “Site Settings” will be used for every page however you can use different keywords for a specific page by accessing “Edit Page -> Edit Properties” when you are using the editing mode.

    • How can I change the order of items that appear in the navigation menu?

      To change the order of items that appear in the navigation menu go to the 'Pages' tab within the 'Edit site properties' area.

      To change the order click "Up" or "Down" next to selected item.

      You can also move items to sub-menus and back by clicking "Make sub level" or "Make top level".

      To hide the page from the menu click "Hide". To restore it click "Show".

      You can also add additional items for which you can specify the URL by clicking "Add a page".

      Those items can also be deleted by clicking "Delete".

  • Editing a page
    • How can I edit the home page of my site?

      To edit a home page of your website go to "My Websites" page and click "Edit" next to the website you want to edit.

      To access your website directly you might also enter the website URL followed by "/build" (e.g. www.yourname.btck.co.uk/build).

    • How do I edit the page content?
      Each page has a number of edit areas.
      While in edit mode you would see "Edit" buttons on top of them.
      The main areas are:

      • Content - this area contains the main content of the page.
        To edit it click on the blue "Edit" button for the Content area or select Edit page -> Edit Content from the top menu.
      • Image Panel - this area contains a styled image panel.
        To edit it click on the blue "Edit" button for the Image Panel area or select Edit page -> Edit Image Panel from the top menu.
        The image panel can contain an image with an optional header and some HTML content.
      • List - the list is a styled area displayed on the home page only. It can contain a header title and a number of items.
        To edit it click on the blue "Edit" button for the List area or select Edit page -> Edit Image Panel from the top menu.
        The list items can have a title, image, additional HTML content and optionally a link to another page.
        To add a new item to the list click "Add New Item". To edit an existing item click "Edit" next to selected item.
        List items can also be moved up or down by clicking "Up" or "Down" next to selected item.

      To save the changes click "Save Page" on top of the content area or select Edit page -> Save from the top menu.
    • Can I make HTML changes to page content?

      Yes there is a HTML facility within the content editor for specific areas of your website allowing you to have full control over the styling and design of your site.

      For full details on this please refer to the User Guide section ‘Using the HTML Mode’ page 68.

    • How can I edit other pages?

      To edit other pages click an appropriate link from the top menu Edit page -> Go to Page.

      You may also click an item in the navigation menu when in edit mode.

    • I've made some updates to the page, but I want to change it back. Can I do this?
      If the changes haven't been saved you can select Edit page -> Rollback Changes from the top menu or simply navigate away from the page.
    • Can I add new pages?

      You can add as many pages as you want.

      To add a new page click Edit page -> New Page from the top menu.

    • How do I create links to my pages?

      In the content area you can add the links using the hyperlink function – i.e. type the text that you want to be a hyperlink, highlight the word and click onto the hyperlink function and add in the URL of the hidden page and click OK.

      If you are creating a link for a page within your website you must use the public address, that is the address of the page when it is not in edit mode (e.g. http://www.yoursite.btck.co.uk/yourpagename). When in edit mode you the address will contain ‘../build/’ and cannot be used by the public.

    • Can I have a contact form on the page?
      The contact form is added by default to you site's "Contact us" page.
    • Can I customise the contact form?
      You can customise the form by clicking Edit site properties -> Contact Form on the top menu.
      You can specify what fields should be included in the form and which fields should be required.
      You can also specify if the field is a single-line or multi-line field.
      You can also specify the order of the fields by clicking "Up" or "Down" next to selected field.
      You should also specify the e-mail address the messages should be sent to.
    • Can I delete a page?

      To delete a page go to that page and select Edit page -> Delete Page from the top menu.

      Note that the home page can't be deleted.

    • Can I restore a deleted page?
      To restore a deleted page select Edit page -> Deleted Pages from the top menu and click "Restore" next to the selected page you want to restore.
    • Can I have a Guestbook on my website?

      Yes you can include a Guestbook on your website which will allow visitors to your site add comments, subject to moderation by you.

      For further details please refer to the User Guide section ‘Guestbook’ page 27.

  • User details
    • I cannot login to my account, what do I do?
      If you are having difficulties please contact: accounts@support.btck.co.uk with details of the problems you are having and a member of the support team will get back to you.
    • How can I update my personal details?
      You can update your personal details on "Your Account" page.
    • How can I update the details of my organisation?
      You can update your school / organisation details on the "Your Community" page.
  • Support helpdesk
    • How do I submit a support helpdesk ticket?

      To submit a support ticket you must login to the BT Community Web Kit and click on the 'Submit a Helpdesk Enquiry' button at the top of this page.

      The 'Submit a Helpdesk Enquiry' button will send you to the Support Hepldesk page and once it has has loaded you can click on the 'Submit new ticket' link to enter your enquiry.

    • Is there any telephone support?
      There is no telephone support for the BT Community Web Kit, all support enquiries or issues should be submitted using tickets.

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